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Diesel Engine


Today’s diesel engines are becoming more complex with each new environmental and regulatory standard that’s introduced. As a result, increased electronic integrations are being realized. Additionally, the harsh environments that diesel engines are required to operate under are as demanding as any environment can be. Amphenol TPI designs and manufactures connectors, wiring assemblies and ? exible circuit assemblies that can withstand these harsh demands – from ultra high temperatures to extreme high vibrations, Amphenol TPI has the electrical solutions for today’s diesel engines.

Engine Control Units
Intricate engine control units are constantly measuring variables within internal combustion engines. These ECUs have instant – real time – measurements of fuel mixture, idle speed, ignition timing, variable valve timing and electronic valve control. Traditionally, ECUs have included sophisticated and sometimes cumbersome wiring assemblies. Amphenol TPI has designed and developed several connector, wiring and ? ex circuit assemblies for ECU applications. These solutions offer signi? cant cost, labor and weight reductions allowing the end user substantial bene?

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