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Energy Storage


Battery Maintenance Systems
Most battery packs in the Energy Storage Market consist of multiple lithium ion cells packaged with an individual module, several of which are connected in a battery. The modules within the battery are arranged in such a way as to maximize energy output while conserving space. Ef? cient energy storage depends on the Battery Management System (BMS) to provide data on a real time basis to the controller. The ideal BMS will measure all facets of battery performance; voltage, amperage / current, battery temperature and even charging history. Amphenol TPI has a unique mix of products designed speci? cally for use within the battery modules and the BMS itself to include a variety of connector designs that will “blind-mate” as in a line replaceable module concept. For the positive and negative post connections, we offer overmolded RADSOK? single pin jumpers as well as ? exible and rigged busbar solutions that connect the poles in series or parallel circuits. Circular GT receptacle pigtails connect the module’s positive and negative poles to overmolded harnesses on the outside of the battery case leading to the controller.

Energy Storage
Understanding and being very keenly aware of the effects of increased consumer energy usage on the grid, Amphenol TPI has designed and developed a wide range of connector and electrical assembly solutions for this emerging market. As the industry matures and advancements are made in Energy Storage, the need for high power connection systems and associated cable assemblies will evolve. Whether the energy storage method is achieved through banks of Lithium Ion battery packs, ? ywheels, thermal energy or hydroelectric systems, Amphenol TPI offers the right electrical interconnect solution for your application.

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